Personal Development

OUR MISSION:To Change Student Behaviors
by helping teachers help students develop
bullet Respect bullet Responsibility bullet Resiliency
bullet Self-Discipline bullet Character
bullet Emotional Intelligence



(One and two day workshops
and conference presentations)

This workshop combines the three topics which follow, showing how to best motivate those students who are most "turned off" toward school, how to develop values and "emotional intelligence" by teaching them pro-social skills, attitudes, and behavior in a way they will accept, and how to get students who "don't want to be told what to do" to accept responsibility! Learn strategies and techniques for handling learning and behavior problems which don't result in teacher stress and burnout!

Did you know that the majority of At-Risk students have a personality temperament and learning style shared by only 7% of teachers? In this highly interactive session, discover which of the four major personality temperaments is most like you, which tends to dominate mainstream education, and which is typical of most at-risk students. Learn how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your own teaching style to bridge "the gap" and meet the needs of all students.

Learn how dysfunctional attitudes can be replaced with a positive, resilient outlook in at-risk youth by teaching them new pro-social skills, attitudes, and behavior in a way they will accept--by reframing desired behaviors in "empowering" terms which they find appealing. Learn what you can do to help your at-risk students want to be more responsible and pro-active instead of looking for excuses or for someone to blame! Vicki Phillips will share the philosophy from her curriculum, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, purchased by hundreds of secondary schools and organizations to-date.

Most school discipline plans are based upon the need to control student behavior. With those at-risk youths who see no future and feel they have nothing to lose, "control" becomes counter-productive, and they spiral downhill. Vicki Phillips, author of EMPOWERING DISCIPLINE, calls for a new approach toward discipline--one that works with at-risk youth. Learn how to handle disciplinary situations in a way which promotes RESPONSIBILITY, RESILIENCE, and SELF-DISCIPLINE.


"Vicki Phillips is an excellent presenter with mountains of useful information. She is energetic and moves from one topic to another seamlessly. Vicki’s seminar flows like a fast moving river and by the day’s end you know you’ve been moved."

--Calvin Brooks, teacher 8th grade Science

"Great! Awesome! Practical! Authentic! Classroom ready!"

--Laura Milem, Special Education

"Have enjoyed Jim and Charlie Fay, Corwin Kronenberg, Foster Cline, and Betsy Geddes. I must say you rank, in my humble opinion, with the best of them.

--Jessica Adams, 3rd grade teacher

"This seminar was excellent. I have been looking for a seminar which addressed ...behavior interventions and this one did just that. Ms. Phillips is right on with her interventions. I will be able to begin using these tomorrow."

--Joni Prins, High School Facilitating teacher

"This was a wonderful workshop. It dealt with the behaviors we see every day, and as the years have gone by, the student population has changed. This workshop addressed many of the changes." 

--Maxine Miller, Exceptional Educator

"This workshop reminded me of the power that I hold and reintroduced strategies on how to better situations and classroom relationships. I enjoyed this workshop. The presenter was hilarious!"

--Ashia Burton, Elementary teacher

"I came into this seminar very skeptical, thinking I had tried everything. Through personal examples and proven principles, Vicki presented solutions that are timely and practical."

--Willie Brooks, Middle School Language Arts

"Vicki Phillips was fabulous! Very practical useful tools. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources--techniques and strategies, etc.--(which) have been used by her personally, which made the seminar more valuable. I look forward to providing information to my teachers."

--Kimberly Carter, Middle School Instructional Coach

" A lot of material covered in a short time--Valuable stuff--Entertaining presentation with examples that hit home (student stories that we’ve known). The learning styles and temperament section was cheaper than therapy and a lot more insightful. The presenter led us by a variety of learning styles so that everyone in the room felt touched.

P.S.-- I loved her enthusiasm and body language--She bounced through heavy              psychological concepts like a ball on a sing-along. I had fun and learned a lot!"

--Linda Evans, High School teacher

"Very informative workshop. I look forward to learning how to almost rewire my way of thinking when it comes to responding to inappropriate behavior."

--Shawandra L. Gabriel, 5th grade teacher

"Vicki has a very real-world grounded understanding of student behaviors and interactions with teachers. She has me convinced and motivated!"

--Alex Waddell, High School teacher

"Mrs. Phillips sparked lots of engaging dialogue about teaching students how to accept responsibility for their actions."

--Christa Flood, Middle School Assistant Principal

"This has been a source of light at the end of a long dark tunnel. I can’t wait to get back to my challenging students."

--Deborah Bulla, High School Science teacher

"I have looked for something like this for years. Finally I have some practical strategies I can use!"

--Kristin Wampler, Resource Spec., Elementary level

"Very useful ideas that I can take back to my team and school and begin implementing immediately. Very helpful in planning for next year."

--Kendra Leirer, RTI chair, High School level


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