Personal Development

OUR MISSION:To Change Student Behaviors
by helping teachers help students develop
bullet Respect bullet Responsibility bullet Resiliency
bullet Self-Discipline bullet Character
bullet Emotional Intelligence

Are you thinking of booking Vicki Phillips
to do a one or two day workshop
at your school?
you first need to know more about Vicki's overall message, or
you have never heard her speak, or
you need to convince your principal,
consider ordering her
which includes:

EMPOWERING DISCIPLINE -- Vicki's newest book carries her message concerning how to create the type of school environment which will help develop resiliency and emotional intelligence in at-risk youth. It usually costs $21.95 + $3.00 shipping/handling.

RESOURCE HANDBOOK -- This 100 page handbook was written solely to support Vicki's one and two-day workshop on Changing Student Behaviors. It is otherwise available only to individual workshop participants for $25.00 or to schools for $20.00 when ordered in quantities of ten or more for workshop participants. The shipping/handling cost is $7.95 each.

Audio CD -- This 75 minute CD, "Building Respect, Responsibility, and Resiliency in At-Risk Adolescents," features Vicki explaining the philosophy of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, her one semester curriculum. This CD usually costs $10.00 + $3.00 shipping/handling.

When purchased together as the SPEAKER PREVIEW KIT, the total cost is $44.95 + $10.00 s/h, for a total savings of $15.95, compared with buying the items separately.

If within six months the purchaser's school books a one or two day workshop with Vicki, the total cost of $39.95 + $10.00 shipping will be deducted from the cost of the workshop. For information call Vicki at (888) 4 AT-RISK or write P.O. Box 203, Carmel Valley, CA 93924.

Speaker Preview Kit  
+ $10.00 s/h

To order by purchase order or check, use the online form.

P.O. Box 203, Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Phone: (831) 659-5913 or
(888) 4 AT RISK
Fax: (831) 659-9109

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