Personal Development

OUR MISSION:To Change Student Behaviors
by helping teachers help students develop
bullet Respect bullet Responsibility bullet Resiliency
bullet Self-Discipline bullet Character
bullet Emotional Intelligence


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Personal Development

Group Curriculum  
+ $18 s/h  
Individualized Curriculum  
+ $18 s/h  
Group + Individualized Curricula  
+ 18 s/h  
Personal Development Preview Packet  
+ $5 s/h  
P.D. Preview Packet + 75 min. CD,
Building the 3 R's, which explains
the P.D. philosophy
+ $5 s/h  


Turning Them Around

+ $10.00 s/h  


Empowering Discipline

+ $3.00 s/h  


Speaker Preview Kit

+ $10.00 s/h  

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** I understand that the purchase of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT entitles me to reproduce any student worksheets or handouts for the students in my class(es), and that the curriculum binder is all I will need to teach the course.


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