Personal Development

OUR MISSION:To Change Student Behaviors
by helping teachers help students develop
bullet Respect bullet Responsibility bullet Resiliency
bullet Self-Discipline bullet Character
bullet Emotional Intelligence

About Vicki Phillips...

VICKI PHILLIPS is a dynamic enthusiastic presenter who is best known nationally as the author of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, a one-semester curriculum designed to change dysfunctional behaviors and build resiliency, responsibility, and emotional intelligence in at-risk adolescents. It has been purchased by over 1,700 schools nationwide. She has also written two books: TURNING THEM AROUND: Developing Motivation, Responsibility, and Self-Discipline in At-Risk Youth and EMPOWERING DISCIPLINE.

Vicki has worked closely with thousands of at-risk youth. She has been a teacher, a counselor, an assistant principal, and, for twenty-two years, principal of a Californiia continuation school for at-risk students. Her school won two major awards from the California State Department of Education: (1) selection as recipient of one of five S.T.A.R.S. awards (Strategies for Teachers of  At-Risk Students) for the Guidance course she and her staff established for all new students, and (2) selection as a “model” continuation school.

Vicki's knowledge comes from her own experience as well as from her extensive reading of counseling theories. Ms. Phillips' challenge has been to discover a way to present her own eclectic mix of the best counseling theories in a way acceptable to discouraged and resistant young people. She has given hundreds of conference workshop presentations and over 250 one and two day seminars on "Changing Student Behaviors" for schools and organizations nationwide. She gave seminars for the Bureau of Education and Research (BER) for three years, for Staff Development Resources (SDR) for two years, and for Ideas Unlimited Seminars (IUS) from 2008 - mid-2013.


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